Electrical Equipment Manufacturer’s Representative

Artwel Electric

Artwel Electric is an engineering-oriented manufacturer’s representative firm. The company was founded by J. Arthur Wells in 1958 in the State of California. Its original charter was to provide quality product sales backed by engineering assistance for medium to high-voltage electrical products. While that mission still guides us today, we have expanded our offering of additional products and services to best support our dynamic and diverse engineering and commercial partners.

Artwel Electric has headquarters in Redwood City, California.  The company covers the geographic area of Northern California and Nevada, and supports the needs of the energy transition, datacenter, industrial, commercial, construction, government, energy services, and OEM marketplaces.

The organization consists of a knowledgeable sales team (with years of engineering and product experience) as well as dedicated and responsive inside sales and office support staff. Collectively they bring professional expertise in the fields of overhead and underground distribution, substation construction and components, transformers, switchgear, equipment protection, management, and manufacturing.

The Company maintains close relationships with major consulting engineering firms and engineering constructors. A primary focus in both the hyper-scale datacenter industry and energy transition (renewable) markets.  Artwel Electric works closely with government entities, universities, and other state departments. Industrial accounts cover the mining and metals, pulp and paper, chemical and refining, food processing, and manufacturing industries.

Artwel Electric is an active participant in numerous professional societies. The company and its personnel are active members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, National Electrical Manufactures Representative Association, and the Ben Franklin Electric Club. Artwel Electric also belongs to the Builders Exchanges to assist with all major electrical construction projects.