Product Line

Medium & High Voltage Equipment

Padmount and Substation Transformers, Pole Mounted Transformers, Padmount and Overhead Switchgear, Substation and Pole Mounted Reclosers, Substation Voltage Regulators, Padmount and Substation Capacitor Banks, Distribution and Substation Class Surge Arresters, Fusing Equipment, Fault Indicators, Dielectric Fluids, Protection Relays, Disconnect and By-Pass Switches, Molded Rubber Products, Sectionalizing Cabinets, Automation & Control, Power Engineering Software

Complete Substation & Switching Stations, Transmission and Distribution Line, Fiber Optic, Value Added Design and Material Packages

Padmount Air Insulated Switchgear (5 – 35 kV), Padmount Primary Metering Cabinets, Termination/Sectionalizing Cabinets, Fuse Cabinets

Terminations and In-Line Splices (Heat Shrink & Cold Applied), Cold & Heat Shrink Tubing, Wiring Accessories

Power Transformers

   - 10 MVA to 400 MVA, with or without LTCs

   - Generator Step-up Transformers

Power Quality, Control and Speciality Equipment

Multi-shielded Isolation Transformers, Power Line Conditioners, Voltage Regulators, Emergency Lighting Inverters, UPS Systems

Custom Metal Fabrication, Electrical & Electronic Enclosures - NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 9, 12, EMI/RFI/EMP - Stainless Steel, Control Rooms, Modified Conex Containers, Solar Inverter Buildings, Custom Control Systems, Graphic Panels, Buss Gutters

Cabl-Bus and Cable Support Systems, 1000 – 5000 Amps, 480V – 35 kV

Padmount Primary Metering Switchgear, Fiberglass Cable Junction Pedestals, Fiberglass Houses, Modular Enclosures

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Soft Starts up through 15 kV Class, AC Drives, Motor Protection, Current and Voltage Transformers